Youth Forum - Fundraising Again!

This week we are celebrating and thanking our wonderful volunteers who on Sunday 24th April, took part in a fundraiser carwash. From the generosity of the community we were able to raise £279 to help children with disabilities.

The carwash was held at Darren and Emma’s Breakfast Bar and Grill, who not only put everything together but also provided us with everything we needed to make this happen.

The youth forum did a wonderful job at cleaning the cars and we all enjoyed the spontaneous water fights that broke out during quiet periods, although I’m not sure there was a distinct winner declared on the day. Luckily the sun was out to help dry us all off.

These fundraising events are very important in ensuring that we as a charity are able to help the families in our community.

“Thank you to everyone who helped with the car wash today and everyone who brought their car along. The money raised is going to help children with disabilities and it’s a really good cause” Gwenllian Pritchard, Chairperson, Youth Forum