Terms and Conditions of Venue Hire

Provisional Bookings

Provisional bookins will be held for a fortnight, if booking forms are not returned after the intial booking has been made set the bookings will automatically be cancelled.

Confirmation of Bookings

Bookings will be confirmed by letter 7 days after receiving a completed booking form.

Cancellation of Bookings

Bookings cancelled more than 1 month will recieve a 0% charge.

Bookings cancelled 2-4 weeks before the date of hire will uncur a charge of 50% of the cost

Bookings cancelled less than 2 weeks before the date of hire will incur a 100% charge

Payment Terms

An invoice will be issued after use if hire with 30 days to settle the account


Resolven Building Blocks cannot accept any liability for accidental third party to persons or damage to third party property arising from the occupation and/or use of the premisises. Therefore the person/organistion using the premises must maintain satisfactory public thiord party liability insurance in respect of its occupatiopn and/or use of the premises.

Room layout

The room layout should be indicated on the booking form. However, its is possible to arrange a viewing of the room,prior to confirmation these arrangements if necessary.

General House Keeping

Resolven Building Blocks will not be  liable for any loss due to breakdown of machinery, failure of supply electricity , leakage of water, fire , goverment  restrictions or act of god which may cause the room any part there of being rendered unfit or unavailable for the use of which it has been hirted. Centre functions have priorityand if a booking has, as result, to be cancelled reasonable notice will be given . The hirer shall not use the Room for any purposes other than that describred on booking form and shall not sub-hire, or allow th epremises to be used for any unlawful purpose or bring onto the premises anything whihc may involve an increased risk of damage,fire invalidate any policy of insurance in respect of these premises.

No bolts ,tacks, screws, bits or pins or other like objects shall be driven into any part of the room not shall any advertisement or notices be placed on walls.All advertisements or notices should be handed to reception to be placed on notice boards.

It would be helpful if such details could be discussed when booking the room. Any room hired should be left clean and tidy after it has been used.

Resolven Building Blocks operates a no smoking policy on the premises or outside of the immediate premises. (please ask for copy of our smoking policy)

Evenings and weekend use

The room will be available for evening use until 9.00pm providing suitable arrrangements can be made regarding the securing of the premises. Our caretaker is only able to take responsibillity for the opening and closing of the premises.

Fire Drill / Evacuation of Building

Details regarding the evacution will be supplied prior to event taking place. It is the responsibility of the person chairing or facilitating the event to inform particpants of the procedure. In order toassist Health and Safety procedures people will need to register thier presense in the building in Resolven Building Blocks visitor’s book.

Please also remember to sign the register when leaving the building .

First Aid

A first aid box is available if needed can be obtained from reception . If am accodent or incident does take place , it is important that is reported to a amember of Resolven Building Blocks staff and recorded appropriately.